DTV Electronics is a proponent of Bitcoin and one of our main focuses is to support both Bitcoin users and the Bitcoin network. We do this through the use of our own hardware so we can allow people to easily run their own bitcoin nodes and sync a copy of the blockchain.

Not trusting unnecessary third-parties and having the ability to ‘verify’ your own transactions whilst maintaining high degrees of privacy. This assures self-sovereignty for the user and reinforces the strength of the Bitcoin network as a whole.


As we are already involved in hardware for running Bitcoin nodes, we are naturally interested in home mining and how it can benefit all users, especially at the home/individual level. 

There are many people that are worried about mining becoming ‘captured’ or ‘centralised’ and these are often words that are brandished about too easily. 

However, mining capture by corporate entities is a major concern and one way this can be mitigated is to take home mining to a new level and give it mass appeal. This can be done by creating and producing hardware that is cheap, efficient, and easy to run. A strength in numbers game can then play out.

Benefits of Home Mining


Home-based mining adds diversity to the network by distributing mining power across various locations, reducing the risk of centralization that can arise from large mining farms or pools.

Resilience Against Attacks

Home-based mining adds diversity to the network by distributing mining power across various locations, reducing the risk of centralization that can arise from large mining farms or pools.

Increased Network Stability

Widely distributed mining operations, including those conducted at home, enhance the stability of the Bitcoin network. This decentralization reduces the vulnerability to disruptions caused by localized issues such as power outages or regulatory actions.

Censorship Resistance

Home mining promotes censorship resistance, as it diversifies the sources of mining power. This makes it challenging for any single entity or government to control or censor transactions on the Bitcoin network.

Enhanced Privacy

Home miners contribute to the privacy of the network by reducing the concentration of mining power in large data centres. This aligns with the principles of privacy and anonymity that are central to Bitcoin’s ethos.

Encouraging Innovation

Home development fosters innovation within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Individuals at home can experiment with new mining technologies, protocols, and software, contributing to the ongoing evolution and improvement of the network.

User Empowerment

Home miners empower individual users to actively participate in the Bitcoin network, aligning with the decentralized and peer-to-peer nature of cryptocurrencies. This participation reinforces the principle of ‘not your keys, not your Bitcoin,’ emphasizing the importance of users having control over their funds.

Educational Value

Home mining provides an educational experience for individuals interested in understanding the technical aspects of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. It encourages a deeper understanding of how the network operates and fosters a sense of ownership among users.

While large-scale mining operations play a significant role in securing the network, the inclusion of individual home miners and developers adds a crucial layer of decentralization, resilience, and diversity. This collective effort helps maintain the integrity and robustness of the Bitcoin network over the long term.

BitAxe Home Mining Project

The BitAxe is a fully open source hardware Bitcoin ASIC miner allowing users to finally mine at home and join the most powerful computer network in the world!

Bitaxe symbolizes a shift towards democratizing Bitcoin mining, offering accessibility and feasibility for enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. 

Centered on open-source principles, Bitaxe enables individuals to engage in the mining process without the necessity for industrial-scale resources.

Simple and quick setup



Plug in a network cable

Plug in a power cable. The device will power up.


Let the device boot up

Give the device a couple of minutes to start up.


Connect to the device's WiFi

Using your mobile/tablet/computer connect to the device’s wifi to provide your own network wifi details and Bitcoin wallet address.

Bitcoin Mining Icon


Start Mining

Once you have provided your network’s wifi details in step 3, this does not need to be repeated again unless you reset the device. Your miner will now start mining and is accessible via its IP over a web browser!

How Does It Work?

The BitAxe is based on a variety of BM Chips, with the Ultra Version based on a single undocumented BM1366 ASIC Chip which comes from an Antminer S19XP. 

The software AxeOS has been built from the ground up and allows the single chip to mine efficiently in a home environment whilst still offering a suitable level of control.

The Miner includes an ESP-32 Wi-Fi Controller for fast and efficient setup over your local wireless network and then full configuration, adjustment and updates over the miner’s slick web interface. 

The miner enables users to maintain a highly reliable, energy-efficient device with minimal upkeep. It allows continuous mining on a pool in the background, alleviating concerns about excessive maintenance, high energy expenses, noise, or heat.

The user can operate by joining a mining pool or can solo mine! The user also has control over the power, heat and efficiency of the miner. 

All design files are Open Source and available to view, modify and download online!

This is an OSMU project

The ‘OSMU – Open Source Miner’s United’ was founded in 2023, and is the world’s hub for open source cryptocurrency mining projects. 

What are open-source miners? 

The industry is currently controlled by closed source companies that do not release anything in regards to the design of their product and very little info is available to anyone outside the company itself.

Not only does this make things difficult for consumers whose products break and are unable to repair them, but it is a slap in the face to the whole concept of cryptocurrency as a decentralized open currency.

We’re trying to change that

Open source miners are in direct contrast with the closed source miners released by companies such as Bitmain, Whatsminer, Goldshell, etc. 

All files from the firmware to the pcb schematics, gerbers, KiCad files are released to the public. OSMU is where open source projects come to develop, learn, tinker, and design their own projects that are released as open source to the public.

By purchasing a OSMU product from DTV Electronics you are supporting the great work of engineers, developers and designers in the ‘Open-Source’ mining space.

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