Are you tired of being spied on?

Are you exhausted of giving up your personal data to corporations?

Do you feel like you have no individual sovereignty online?

Do you want to take back control?

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DTV Electronics ‘Don’t Trust, Verify’ is a company that helps individuals and companies take back their freedom online by supplying open-source hardware and software.


We specialise in providing the tools you need, including both hardware and software, so you are able to break free of the shackles of surveillance.​

How Can We
Trust You?

DTV Electronics prides itself on only selling and recommending open-source hardware and software. This means that all the electronic hardware we sell and all the software we install or recommend has its source-code viewable online.

Strength in Transparency​

Don’t Trust – Verify

This ‘open-source’ code is completely free and transparent, for anyone to read, edit, or make changes to. In the software world this is often referred to as ‘FOSS – Free & Open Source Software’. This assures that the code you are running is safe and has been read and reviewed many times over by other people also running the software.

In Simple Terms

We are an ‘Open Book’ Company and recommend ‘Open Book’ Software. Others are ‘Closed Books’.


Store your files, own your own data, run a VPN or an Adblocker, Download and Upload Music & Video, run Bitcoin nodes and services, and much more – all from the comfort of your own home or office without having to rely on big tech!

Benefits Include:

Data Privacy & Security

Data Ownership​

Potential Cost Savings

Customisation and Control

Reduced Dependence on External Providers

Increased Autonomy

Offline Accessibility

Backup & Recovery Control

Learning & Skills Development


One Click OS Updates

Simple and quick OS Updates

Authentication and secure app access

Monitor Everything

Monitor everything

Built In The Open

Open-source ‘FOSS’ software

Designed from the ground up

Open-Source Hardware

Built with trust and individuality, our hardware is designed ‘in-house’ by us and not simply a ‘rebadged’ Chinese machine which is being claimed as unique and different. 

Our specialised hardware is ‘plug and play’ allowing a user to deploy a home/office server quickly and easily.

Easy to get started

Plug and Play


Plug in a network cable

If you have a ‘POE’ enabled switch, it will power the device right away.


Connect a power cable

If you don’t have a POE switch, then take this additional step and connect a power cable.


Let the device boot up

The device will switch itself on automatically.


Locate the device

You will find the device on your network under the software’s hostname after about 5 minutes.


That’s all!

You can access and manage the device through a web browser on your computer, phone or tablet!

Hackable Customisable


We share our source code and designs on the internet, and are transparent in our work. You can purchase our Carrier Boards from us for example on their own (barebones), and then provide your own processor and components to build your own hardware from scratch. You can even use our plans and designs from GitHub to manufacture your own board!

Our Carrier Board also contains a GPIO port which makes the board completely customisable and hackable. This means you can connect accessories like screens, power switches, and cameras to the server and customise it to your own personal needs.

DTV Home Server (CM)


NVMe SSD Drive

Radxa CM3 8GB

based on RockPro3566 Quad Core CPU

Full CM Open-Source Carrier Board

USB-C, HDMI Mini, and GPIO inputs

Heatsink/Fan for active and quiet cooling

POE ‘Power over ethernet’ Port for energy efficient, clutter free power

What Can I Do With My DTV Home Server?

Access An App Store Entirely Filled with Open-Source Applications

Explore incredible self-hosted applications in a variety of App Stores from our recommend software partner and install them with a single click.

Bitcoin Node
Home Assistant

Great Quality
Yet Affordable


DTV Home Server is a high quality and high performance device allowing you to run a variety of self-hosted software without worrying about configuring your own hardware or paying over the odds for ready-made solutions.


They are more than likely tracking your IP address and could also have access to your XPUB meaning they know all your Bitcoin addresses. You will get much better privacy with your own node and you can independently verify and validate your own transactions.

Very easy. You can plug the node in with POE or regular ethernet and power and the device will switch on. After about 5 minutes it will be identifiable on your network and everything can be managed through a simple and easy to use web interface

Yes of course. It’s possible to build your own node using our designs and BOM list which is published as open-source under the FOSS license. You can then send these designs to your own manufacturer and assemble it yourself.

Any Linux based software that meets the computer’s hardware requirements can run in theory.

Please visit our Github name @dtvelectronics which shows all our released product and their versions along with all manufacturing files, schematics and BOM’s.

We love competition as we understand that we are in a free-market society and there will always be competition. This is usually welcomed and is very healthy for businesses as it pushes innovation and for customers as it makes costs more competitive.

Ready to take back control?

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