Passionate About Bitcoin Development

As passionate advocates for the transformative potential of Bitcoin, we firmly believe in the importance of actively contributing to various projects within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Holding onto Bitcoin as a form of digital gold has its merits, especially witnessing its value appreciate over time. However, we recognize that true value extends beyond the dollars and cents reflected in the market.

By spending Bitcoin on contributions to diverse projects that bolster the Bitcoin infrastructure, we play a pivotal role in fostering the cryptocurrency’s broader adoption and utility. The belief that simply holding Bitcoin leads to increased adoption is a misconception. Real growth and widespread acceptance come from active participation and engagement in the Bitcoin community.

When we allocate our Bitcoin towards supporting software projects, we are not just investing in the technology; we are investing in the future of finance. These contributions serve as a catalyst for development, bringing about improvements in technology, innovative features, and expanded use cases.

By actively participating in the ecosystem, we can create employment opportunities, fostering a vibrant community of developers and contributors who are dedicated to advancing Bitcoin’s capabilities.

Spending or Saving

Spending Bitcoin on community development initiatives represents a commitment to inclusivity. It opens doors for individuals to access opportunities they might not have had before, creating a more inclusive and empowered Bitcoin community.

In essence, contributing to the betterment of Bitcoin through various projects is a holistic approach. It not only enhances the technology but also elevates the entire ecosystem, leading to increased adoption, innovation, and, ultimately, a more resilient and valuable Bitcoin. 

As Bitcoiners, we recognize that giving back to the community is integral to shaping a future where Bitcoin is not just a store of value but a dynamic and accessible financial tool for everyone.

Projects we have Contributed to

Please find a list of projects that we have contributed to below.

Remember, we are not a VC fund or have a public company with investor’s behind us. We are small, bitcoin focused hardware company that are making these contributions to try and improve Bitcoin for the greater good. Profit is not the first (or only) priority.

Citadel Icon


Bitcoin-centric OS designed to run on home or cloud servers.


Big-brother to Citadel. A general purpose OS built on the FOSS ethos. Perfect to run on home and office servers with access to a variety of applications.

Open Source Miners United

Leading the world in both hardware and software design for open-source Bitcoin mining.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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