Receive Lightning tips instantly.

Simple tipping pages

With sats4me, you can set up a simple website to receive Lightning and on-chain tips in one click.

The only requirement: An instance of LnMe available over Tor.

With a runcitadel node, you can configure LnMe instantly from the dashboard.

Lightning address support

Get your own Lightning address to have an easy-to-remember address for your node anyone can send sats to.


For maximum compatibility, our server also provides an LNUrl. With these options, you should be able to receive sats from any modern Lightning wallett



The base sats4me service is free forever. If you’re looking for custom domains, making other onion sites available & more, check out our reverse proxy service.

Source code

The sats4me service was created by the Citadel team and is entirely open source.

View the code